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Financial Services

The Administrative Services Division provides financial service and support to all the divisions and bureaus that make up the Department of Public Safety. We also conduct business with many entities outside the department such as the governor’s office, legislative offices, local governments, businesses, and the federal government. Our pledge to all our customers whether internally within the department or externally outside the department, is to provide prompt and accurate financial information, courteous service, and helpful assistance when needed.

What We Do

The Accounting and Fiscal Section processes documents for travel, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash reconciliations, and federal grant programs. The section handles purchase orders and works with various division personnel to write the specifications for requests for proposals that are sent to vendors. We ensure that purchases comply with state purchasing guidelines. We also provide updated budget information and projections to the various divisions and bureaus of the department. We compile and submit the entire department’s budget and budget requests to the governor’s office and the legislative fiscal analyst and work closely with each to provide up-to-date information and analysis on all financial requests and issues that impact the department’s budget.

Contact Information

Joe Brown / Director
(801) 618-7675